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Being an international student in Germany comes with multiple perks. Of course, everyone is aware of the low tuition cost but there is so much more than just this. Located in the centre of Europe, it is a gateway to most parts of Europe. Being a student also makes you eligible for free public transportation meaning travelling around is super cheap. Post studies, students get an additional one and a half year to look for jobs or any other educational opportunities.

Why Choose Germany?

A worldwide hub for technology, innovation and research, Germany is often considered as one of the most developed countries in places in the world. With a strong research oriented curriculum in almost every field of science and engineering, Germany boasts of one of the oldest and the best research universities in the world. Universities in Germany not only boast of a world quality staff and curriculum, it has an endless list of illustrious alumni whose contribution to science and technology has shaped modern technology.

With world leading infrastructure and a dynamic student life, Germany offers an immersive cultural and educational experience, with a rich culture, history and heritage.. With almost all universities offering either free or extremely low tuition fees, Germany is a leading hub of higher education in the world. And with endless job opportunities and prestigious industrial tie-ups, studying in Germany provides you with one of the best education in the world, gearing you up with strong technological concepts and an industry ready attitude.

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