Career Counseling & Analysis

We constantly try to provide students with career information that best fits their profile. Therefore, our comprehensive career counseling and analysis by our experts will weigh in every factor, and find the university and course that is just right for you.

application processing

Application Processing

A one stop assistance for everything you need in your application -starting from the cover letter to refining the whole thing to highlight the best in you, we’ve got you covered.

Accomodation and living

Accommodation & Living

Finding an accommodation overseas can be a cumbersome task. Well, not anymore. Our comprehensive guide will help you search through a plethora of options, so that you can find your comfortable abode while studying overseas in a jiffy, based on your budget and preferences.

Visa and doc

Visa Procedure And Documentation

With Visa Procedure and Documentation assistance, rest assured about all the paperwork -from from procedural forms required by the host country, to your own visa documents, being done on time and in an orderly manner, without you having to stress on it.

Bank loan assistance

Bank Loan Assistance

Studying abroad in you dream university can be a little nerve-wracking financially, to say the least. But we’ve got you covered with our Bank Loan Assistance program, where we help you to sift through a wide variety of financial assistance options and choose the one that is right for you.
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We at The Educations believe that quality education should be accessible to all. And hence,we list out a wide range of monetary and financial scholarships from various universities worldwide to help you achieve your dream of studying in a top international college and opening up a world of possibilities.

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