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Admissions into top universities around the world is competitive. Extremely competitive. Many universities require you to show your proficiency in the subjects that you have studied till then. This not just reinforces your competency in the basics, but also proves that you are capable of taking the academic load and excelling in it. There are many exams out there that test the skills a university expects from you. Aptitude, mathematical reasoning, language proficiency -they cover everything. Today we take a look at some of the popular tests and exams that are used by many colleges worldwide.

  1. SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test)

    SAT is a standardized exam, administered by the College Board. It is one of the most popular tests taken by students after high school for admission overseas. Many universities accept SAT scores for admissions. Especially in the US, most colleges accept SAT scores as a benchmark for admissions and cutoffs into various programs. The test is broadly categorised into three parts -Reading Test, Writing and Language test, and Mathematics.

  2. ACT (American College Testing)

    Similar to SAT, ACT is also a standardized test accepted in many colleges across the world for admission to undergraduate courses, specially in the US and Canada. Administered by ACT Inc. The test is divided into four sections that test your proficiency in English, Mathematics, Reading and Science reasoning. Although the difficulty of the questions considered a little easier as compared to SAT, the lesser allotted time makes it more challenging.

  3. GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test)

    GMAT is a very popular test that is widely accepted for admissions to graduate management programs in B-schools across the world, like MBA. The examination tests Quantitative reasoning, verbal reasoning, integrated reasoning,
    analytical writing, in a timed test of a little excess of three hours. More than 2300 business schools accept GMAT scores for admissions in various courses.

  4. GRE (Graduate Record Examinations)

    GRE is a standardized test that is accepted into numerous colleges across the world, specially US and Canada, for admissions into graduate programs like master’s anddoctoral degree programs. The examination questions mainly cover arithmetic, geometry, algebra and vocabulary to test your verbal and analytical reasoning and critical thinking skills. The test is of about three hours and forty five minutes (with breaks), and the scores are valid for upto five years.

  5. Language tests

    Most universities overseas, specially the ones whose first language is English, like US and Canada, also require you to show your proficiency in verbal and written language, to ensure that language barriers aren’t an issue for people who do not have English as their first language, since majority of courses offered in universities abroad have English as their mode of instruction. For this students might be required to give standardized language tests like TOEFL, ILETS, PTE or CELPIP, to show their proficiency in the English language.


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