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One of the most important documents, that you’ll be required to apply immediately after you get into the college of your choice overseas, is a Student Visa.

So why is a Student Visa so important? Well, to begin with, Student Visas is a document that will legally allow you to enter a country. Different countries have different immigration policies, and these too often differ for different categories -like a student visa, a tourist visa, etc. Now it is unlikely that you’ll be declared persona non grata if you seek admission bearing a normal country visa, but visas specifically tailored for students have their own perks –

  • Visas issued specifically to students have a longer tenure, unkine student visas. This can save you with may trips to your nearest immigration office in a new country for renewal or application of a new visa.
  • Many universities overseas require you to have a student visa -as it ensures the legitimacy of your admission, and your host university can provide you with all the benefits that any other student would get there.
  • Many grants, stipends and scholarships that are designed for students in order to help them at their host university overseas will ask for a student visa as a proof of authenticity.
  • You will most likely be required to apply for a student’s card (or a similar document) at your host city overseas, that grant you with many student benefits like concession on public transportation. A student visa may be required to be produced there.

Student Visas can be classified broadly into two categories -visas based on the duration of the program, or visas based on type of program.

Visas based on course duration are usually classified into short-term and long-term visas. While the former often covers the courses that have a duration for up to 90 days (3 months) -suitable for a short exchange program or a summer/winter internship, the latter is best suited for and given to courses whose duration extend well above 3 months, like degree courses such as B.E., B.Sc., PhD etc.

Some countries offer student visas based on the type of program -such as undergraduate, graduate, doctors, masters etc, and are granted regardless of the course duration.

Applying for Visas is a very important step in your educational journey overseas, and should be done properly and carefully. Various documents like proof of identity, statement of financial lucidity, passport, proof of address, course verification documents, and sometimes language proficiency, among many others, are required. Different countries also have different criteria and documents require. The experts at The Educations can assist you with all this hassle for a smooth and worry-free experience. Contact us for a free session and start your educational journey overseas today.


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